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Gas & Wood Heating Stoves

heating stoveDiamond Willow provides high-quality gas and wood heating stove installation, maintenance, and repair services to Cochrane, Alberta, and surrounding areas.

In this modern era, most Cochrane homes keep warm with a large central furnace system that blows warm air through vents. A lot of homeowners are surprised to learn that there are better alternatives to vented heating systems.

Gas and wood stoves are certainly at the top of this list of alternatives. Not only are they capable of keeping a house warm when the power is out, but they also look great and make an excellent addition to any home.

Diamond Willow is a Cochrane-based business that specializes in installing and servicing gas and wood stoves. We are a family-owned company, a WETT certified installer, and offer products from trusted manufacturers.

You simply cannot go wrong by investing in a gas or wood stove from Diamond Willow.

There are, naturally, some Alberta homeowners who are still on the fence and can’t decide whether a gas or wood stove is a smart investment, especially if they already have a modern electric heating unit or furnace. Here are some of the benefits of installing a wood burning or gas heating stove.


Benefit 1: High-Quality Heat

Many homeowners live with the assumption that all heating sources are created equal. Can the heat from a wood burning stove affect a room any differently than the heat blowing from an overhead vent? Absolutely.

Both gas and wood stoves rely on the concept of radiant heat. This simply means that the heat radiates outward from the primary heating source, which is, of course, the fire. The fire heats the stove and the stove heats the air around it. That heat continues to radiate outwards in all directions, creating a perfectly uniform temperature in a very short period.


Benefit 2: Efficiency

Natural gas and wood pellets are affordable fuel sources. And a gas or wood stove can cost less per BTU than electricity or oil. And that’s not the only way a gas or wood stove improves energy efficiency.

A heating stove lets a homeowner maintain a zoned heating system. This means that instead of using a central unit to warm the entire house, you can use a stove to only warm the specific room you are in. This greatly reduces energy consumption because you aren’t wasting energy trying to warm rooms you’re not using.


Heating Stove Installations and Repairs

Modern gas and wood stoves are heavy-duty appliances, designed to last for decades. However, their installation can be very tricky. It requires choosing the best model for a room and ensuring that all local safety and building codes are observed.

The experts at Diamond Willow are certified and trustworthy stove installers.

Our licensed and insured technicians can service and install all makes and models of gas and wood stoves, as well as hybrid heating stoves. Some of the manufacturers we work closely with include:

You’re guaranteed to find the right heating stove for your home from one of these brands.

Gas Heating Stoves

Wood Heating Stoves

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